Audiomack Promotion

About This Promotion

Real career growth comes from fans and ABSOLUTELY NOT BOTS!

Where and how do we promote Audiomack tracks?

We promote your track through email marketing to music fans all over the united states, we organically built our massive audience from our past events.

We believe in offering value, to our audience, so we're very selective as to whom we add to our list and what we share within it to maintain and continually build the trust and health of our audience, each member of our audience is an avid fan of new musical experiences, and undiscovered talents

Additional features when you purchase
The Rockstar Package:

  • Get featured on news rooms, front pages of news sites

  • Social Media coverage from multiple social media accounts with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

  • In-depth, professional press release submission report with submission direct links

  • Extensive global web reach submissions including Search Engines, Major News & Newspaper Websites, TV and Radio Sites, Regional and Local News Sites, Industry News Websites, Internation News Websites, Social Media Websites, RSS Feed Websites

What you can expect if your song is well received?

You can expect new lifelong fans that will attend your events

Yes, we've got access to a ton of music lovers, Reception depends on the quality you offer.

Split is available you can submit 1 to 5 Songs, maximum per order (we accept playlists of 3 songs max)

Audiomack Basic

Around 10,000+ Plays

Tier 1 countries based promotion



Maximum of 1 track

Audiomack Standard

Around 50,000+ Plays

Tier 1 countries based promotion



Maximum of 5 tracks (can be split between them)

Audiomack Rockstar

Around 200,000+ Plays

High Quality Press Release and Distribution

Tier 1 countries based promotion



Maximum of 5 tracks (can be split between them)

Audiomack is a music streaming app that provides users with a platform to listen to their favorite songs and albums. The app has been around for quite some time but it was only in 2018 that the company started its promotion in Nigeria.

The company was founded by Kevin Liles and Richard Sanders. Audiomack is an American-based music streaming service that was launched on October 24, 2012. It allows people to stream, download or share music on their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Audiomack had raised over $8 million in funding before launching its services in Nigeria. The company has also partnered with other companies like Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube and Apple Music among others.

Audiomack's strategy for promotion can be classified into three categories: social media marketing, word of mouth marketing and paid advertising.

Social media marketing is one of the major ways Audiomack engages with its audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This strategy allows them to nurture a relationship with their fans.

All three of these factors have allowed them to build a large audience on social media.